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انت المفتاح لجنتي
وجنة الخلود في جوفي
You are the key to my heaven
And heaven itself


Sana’a / Yemen


Sana’a / Yemen

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I’m sick of the argument that if the Palestinians would just sit like ducks, and stop aggravating the behemoth neighbor of theirs, everyone would be in peace. 

After six decades of torture, occupation, dishonor and violence towards the indigenous Palestinians, the last thing I need to do is explain the behavior of any militant branch that serves as a constant variable in every occupied country and its history and why they should just behave and accept occupation at their doors. 

None of us need to at all defend or justify Hamas or excuse their behavior. Whether or not you agree with them is honestly irrelevant, as they are not responsible for the massive murders and agony that has been caused these past few weeks, Israel is solely responsible and to espouse that Hamas is endangering its people is beyond selfish seeing that Israel is not even held responsible for the brutality they commit in response. 

Their existence, and the existence of any fundamentalist group, no matter how extreme they are, are fully founded in the idea that settler colonialism and imperialism have caused their presence. They forever will be a reactionary movement rooted because of oppression and violence towards any oppressed population. For me to even begin to speak of any Palestinian politics, or understand the Israeli occupation or any Middle Eastern crisis is to understand the cause, and analyze it, not the effect.



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instagram: here

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Former Bishop of Gaza: “If Israel destroys your mosques, make the call to prayer from our churches”


Former Bishop of Gaza: “If Israel destroys your mosques, make the call to prayer from our churches”

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Anonymous said: i hope that they don't actually not care because that would be terrible and shameful. Palestinians are our brothers and sisters for god's sake!! اللهم انصر اخواننا في فلسطين

It’s true.

Dictators don’t care about you, they don’t care about their country, they don’t even care about their own family members.

Don’t expect something or anything from them. 

Anonymous said: i thought saddam actually tried to free Palestine and that's why they made it seem like he's a bad person just to have an excuse to kill him. please explain. also didn't king faisal رحمه الله try to help palistine too? and aren't the arab leaders not doing anything because they don't have enough power to go against the zionist terrorist and all their terrorist supporters?

Arab dictator’s policy is to “encourage” Palestinian causes as to keep their relevancy and their “patriotism” in tact, so that their own people are not too suspicious of them to overthrow them en masse due to their complete lack of morality.

Even if Saddam sponsored scholarships for Palestinians in the 80s does not allow us to overlook his disgusting and reprehensible response to the 1991 uprising.

He was a mass murderer. Point blank. 

Ugh I miss my mom so much.

I miss my family.

I miss Mansaf.

Is it too much to ask to be with those you love? 

Jazak’Allah khair I’m not sure if you are a brother or sister, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you keep help bringing us information about what is going on, and even more than that, you help us to remember that Allah(SWA) does indeed have a plan. It’s easy to get emotional and angry, outraged, dismayed, etc… May we all remember to put our faith in Allah, Al-Haseeb, The Bringer of Judgment, The Only One who knows best what should happen.


Thank you so much for this submission, I only want you to keep me in your duaa. I appreciate it very much :)

Anonymous said: the arab leaders that u all follow are the reason falasteen is not freed. you don't stand up to your own leaders. why do u even bother

I don’t understand how people believe that the responsibility lies at the hands of Arab leaders failing to act?

What skewed expectations do you have? Why do you think a handpicked opportunist would care about you or the people of the country that isn’t even his.

In case you didn’t realize, Gaddafi, Saddam and a bunch of other goons did not hesitate to murder their own family members, you think they’ll care about Palestinians?

The responsibility lies at the hands of murderers and opportunists, not because of our meekness. 

In case you haven’t been here for the past 4 years, the Arab spring has taken the lives of 400,000+ because they stood up to their leaders.

Stop pointing fingers and get to work. Stop being naive. 


(Photos: Ibraheem Abu Mustafa / Reuters, July 25, 2014)

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