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There’s a few realities I think everyone has to eventually admit to:

1. Not all babies are cute.

2. Children do in fact lie, frequently.

3. Your mom/grandma’s cooking is not the best in the world.

Anonymous said: Why can't we scientifically see God

Well obviously I’m not a scientist nor are my theories of measurement in line with Theological self descriptions of the Divine but I do have a few nascent theories. 

For one, God had ordained ritualistic prayer in the Seventh Heaven in the incident of Israa’ and Miraj. The Seventh heaven is a cosmological region that is theorized to be light years above the universe we reside in or the atmosphere we can only observe through our limited telescopes.

Secondly, the frequencies of our eyes and the light rods can only handle a certain threshold of light which is why we cannot even glare into the sun’s direction without being overwhelmed by it. If God is made of an element that is much stronger and much more ambient, by deductive analogy even if he were to reveal himself in a limited space visible to earthly observations, we would be overwhelmed by such a gleaming light. The Prophet himself was not even able to handle the stature of witnessing Gabriel in his true form without fainting, and other Prophets of the past were unable to witness certain heavenly phenomenons without having the same symptoms so I really don’t think we can physically see God in his true form.

In the afterlife, we are equipped with different senses and different bodies and elements, by which we can witness, experience, and understand different phenomenons with ease, and that is verified by Prophetic descriptions of heaven. Aside from God Almighty’s metaphysical properties, there is an underlying limited Science that actually can explain these theories; but we haven’t discovered them yet. 

Anonymous said: what race are arabs?

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again.

This idea of racial classification that’s done in the United States doesn’t operate all around the world and is not founded in actual valid theories of classifying human beings. People have variations genetically, culturally, and geographically, to have this cut off of races in areas of the world is ridiculous, since there’s very little a Turkish person has with a Briton, than he has with a Yemeni, and the Yemeni and Turk look nothing alike; but one is classified as Brown and the other as White, which does no justice. 

This mentality is flawed. The entire world is a spectrum of different peoples and cultures that gradually change over topography and geography, so there aren’t lines that separate people as much as there aren’t identities that classify others either. 


Hello Dear followers! 

With the exception of the occasional article, I will not be actively updating this blog anymore from here on out, and I would like to thank everyone for making this a great educational and social experience for me. I have made some wonderful friends for life on here and I am forever indebted to you all. If I have wronged or offended any you in any way, I would like to ask you to forgive me for any of my mistakes and shortcomings. 

That being said, I won’t completely get off the grid, and I will definitely announce and let you all know about any future projects or promotions I have if you wish to participate or help out on. 

If you wish to stay in contact or ask me any questions you can reach me at or simply shoot me an ask(I still reply privately to asks). 

Until then, thank you all and happy blogging, fare well! 

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“We were not created to please the creation”


“We were not created to please the creation”

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This is the most beautiful image I have ever seen on this site.


This is the most beautiful image I have ever seen on this site.

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