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شجرة عائلة العرب

The Great Arab Family Tree.

These are the Three Bloodlines of the Arabs and their respective lineages, these make up all of the Tribes of the Arabs, their respective families and anyone with ethnic Arab origin can trace their lineage to either one of these Three Trees. Each Tree succeeds the next in one big linked lineage that is traced all the way to the son of Noah, Sam; the Semitic genetic father. 

Description of Pictures in Sequence:

1. Ancient Arabs, Perished Arabs, العرب البائدة

Those are the ancient tribes that have lived in Arabia ever since the beginning of Human Existence such as the Sabaa’ Kingdom, the Amaleeq, the Tribes of Ad’ and Thamud, Canaanites, the People of Midyan, the Iram Pillers, and the Arabic Peoples of Petra. There are few proven descendants of these people, and are believed to be an extinct people. Their only known descendants today are believed to live in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria. They are genetically succeeded by the Pure Arabs. 

2. Pure Arabs, العرب العاربة

These are the Descendents of Ya’rib ibn Qahtan, the father of the Arabs. They originate in Yemen, and from their descendants are Himyar, Hadramaut, Quda’ah, Jatham, Lakhm, Ghassan, and most importantly Jurhum. They are considered to be the pure Arabs, and from them technically, every Arab has their genes. They constitute the majority genetic population in countries like Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine. This lineage succeeds the Ancient/Perished Arabs. They are genetically succeeded by the Arabized Arabs. 

3. Arabized Arabs, العرب المستعربة

These are the descendents of the Prophet Ismail, (Ishmael) the son of Ibrahim (Abraham) Peace be upon them. Ismail had married from the Pure Arab tribe of Jurhum, and from there come the Northern Arabs that inhabit most of the Arabian Peninsula. The Prophet Muhammad (S) is considered an Arabized Arab, and a majority of Tribes in Arabia today make up the demographics of Ethnic Arabs with an exception of the rest of the Pure Arabian Tribes that inhabit the broader Arab World. The Arabized Arabs are the creators of the Classical Arabic Language that is used in the Qura’n, or Mudhari Arabic. These are the majority population in countries like the Arab Gulf, Jordan and the Arabian Peninsula aside from Yemen. This lineage succeeds Abraham and the Pure Arabs. 



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